Watch This Kid Make Individual Soccer Drills Like a Pro - Soccer Drills and Skills |

Watch This Kid Make Individual Soccer Drills Like a Pro


Basic rule in soccer is that movement is everything.Average player have less than 2% contact with the ball on a single game. Normally soccer player with better technique has better chance to have the ball in his feet and can improve that percent.

Without developed techniques, fitness preparation has no big significance. But also,  the lack of any significant segment of condition, can directly affect to the level of techniques improvements.

Also we need to note that all segments of effective training must satisfy the so-called “3M criterion” (Manageable, Measurable, Motivational), with other words everything needs to be manageable, the results must be measurable and the training program must be motivational.

Because of that we chose some individual soccer drills who can improve your Agility, Speed, Reaction, Coordination and Balance.


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