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From Skinny Boy to Great Athlete – Cristiano Ronaldo

He was born in 1985 (Madeira, Portugal), starting his career in Sporting-Lisbon. On a football match between Sporting and Manchester United, he succeeds to impress his opponents and the couching team. After that, a whole turnaround is happening in his life and career.
The career of Cristiano Ronaldo, from season to season, goes upwards, and this year he is closest to the Golden Ball and his progress is due to his professionalism.

skinny boy cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is obsessed with his training.
His body transformation, from a weak boy to muscular man was apparent after his arrival at Manchester United, and with the same tempo he continued in Madrid.

Ronaldo trains five times a week at a training camp at Real Madrid, according to the schedule of matches in that week. On average, he trains three to four hours a day and follows a strict diet plan. Ronaldo said, in the documentary “Regresso dos Incríveis 2010” that he respects a lot his time sleeping and always go to bed very early to be able to wake up earlier.

Ronaldo’s daily routine:
– Three to four hours daily training that reduces fat (< 10 %)
– Cardio training with several periods with running (25-30 minutes)
– Brief period of training with high intensity sprints
– Training of technique for improving control of the ball
– Tactical training with teammates
– Training in the gym to develop certain muscles
– Home does 2,000 sit-ups in front of TV
– Small meals six times a day. Without sugar and fat. Mostly chicken, vegetables and foods rich with dietary fiber .

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