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Deadly Overtraining Syndrome ! Why it Happens and How to Overcome It

It’s early in the morning and every muscle in your body is stiff. Everything pains. You are tired, and you hate the whole world. It’s enough of all the trainings, and your couch, and competitions, and sport.

Your body is exhausted, you can’t move, you don’t even have mental power- everything looks silly, with no sense and indescribably hard. Get out of bed and go to training is the last thing that you want at the moment.

   This is one example for overtraining syndrome.



With simple dictionary, overtraining appears when amount of stress caused by training exceeds athlete’s capacity for recovering. Often hard trainings means stress for the organism.

Every well programmed training process leads to temporary downs of athletes shape, and all that in order to achieve high shape level for competitions. But, if the adaptive body mechanisms don’t succeed to win over training stress and recover the body, forced training, instead of getting wanted success, will cause big down in athletic shape.

overcome it overtraining syndrome

How the body is sending messages when it’s too much? Overtraining signals can be followed on three levels: PHYSICAL,EMOTIONAL and MENTAL.


-chronic fatigue.                 –boredom.                                  –confused thinking

-muscle stiffness.               – depression.                              –low concentration

-breathing problems.        –isolation.                                   –mental tiredness

-high frequency of the.     –irritability.                                –stiff and irrational thinking

-heart in standby.               –negative emotions.                  –domination of negative thoughts

-injuries.                              –low motivation.                       –wrong solving problems

-sickness.                            –anger

-appetite problems.         –bad mood

-sleeping problems.         –insecurity,fear

-weight problems.            –lost interest


   Most common example for overtraining are not only too hard training, like we usually think. There more possible high risk factors which can cause overtraining problem. Some of them are:

  • Monotones, repeatable trainings, repeating few same trainings week by week.
  • Too much competitions in short period.
  • Missing one day for full break in one training week.
  • Moving from one competition season in the next one without long break.
  • Suddenly,significant increase of training level
  • Repeating, high intensive trainings without adequate break
  • Stress caused by unathletic reasons (ex.familly, school or partner’s).


   Considering the weigh and seriousness of this problem, basic step is taking preventive measures do not come to overtraining. Taking care of risky factors and low their influence.

Also, it’s necessary to sensibility insufficiently informed professional staff, also the athletes, in order to easily recognisable of start symptoms in this problem. When it’s coming to overtraining, especially if it passes in chronic,the only real solution (temporary) is quitting sport, which for the athletes and coaches is very difficult to accept.

 For overtrained athlete is important to have professional help, because he doesn’t know how and he can’t help himself.

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