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The 6 Most Horrific Injuries You Can Get in Soccer

In this part, I will present some of the worst injuries you can face as a soccer player.

However, I want you to keep in mind that playing soccer is not naturally more dangerous than playing other sports.

Injuries are a part of the game and you need to be aware of that. Now, let’s check out the worst injuries you can face while playing soccer.

Broken Legs

most horrific injuries in soccer

This type of injury is a soccer player’s worst nightmare. A broken leg will usually keep you off the field for several months. You might even be forced to walk around with a pair of crutches.

You will also have a large gypsum cast, which will make you look more handicapped. The worst possible scenario is to break both legs but I would say that this is pretty uncommon.

Head Injuries

horrific head injuries

A head injury will not only give you a headache; you could also lose your memory and have a hard time holding your balance.

As you already know, your brain is the central organ of your body. If the brain doesn’t work properly, then your body would not work well either.

Head injuries make up two to three percent of all soccer injuries, which is the same rate as American Football.

However, since there are a lot more soccer players than American football players; you should not care so much about these numbers.

Broken Nose

broken nose injuries

This type of injury is as painful as it sounds. What is worse is that the doctor will need to put the bones of your nose back in the right position, which hurts much more!

In order to decrease the risk of getting your nose broken, you should always try to keep your arm in front of your nose while facing your opponents in a head-to-head match.

Black Eye

A black eye looks pretty nasty and will make it impossible to see anything clearly through the injured eye.

My recommendation is to visit a doctor immediately because an eye injury is something you should never trifle with. You could end up losing your vision completely in that eye.

Knee Injuries

horrific soccer knee injuries

A serious knee injury means needing to rest from soccer for about 6 months. This is the recommended recovery time and an earlier comeback will be physically hard.

Even if you manage to recover faster, you could still worsen the injury and cause yourself even more problems.

The best example on how a soccer injury can destroy a player’s career is the Brazilian former striker Ronaldo.

He has injured his knee so many times that he has probably spent 1/3 of his career just recovering from different knee injuries.

People often say that once you seriously injure the knee, it will never be the same again. However, many top players have managed to recover and even perform better after knee injuries.

Ankle Injuries

I don’t know how many times I have injured my ankle and I really hate it because it usually holds me off the field for several weeks.

Your whole foot feels unstable and you can’t even walk properly. Ankle injuries are generally very hard to avoid completely as there are different types of injuries.

You also risk getting injured by your opponents as they will often hit your ankle while tackling or trying to take the ball away from you.

Give yourself time to heal from ankle injuries. Even if you can walk on it, that doesn’t mean that you can play on it!


Unfortunately, you will soon or later face one of these injuries during your soccer career.

I have faced several of these and they are a part of the game! The more knowledge you have, the less likely it is that an injury will put you out of the game.

Knowing that injury exists just means that you have to stay informed and take care of your body. While there are many soccer games ahead of you, you only have one body !


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