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5 Simple Rules For Train Harder and Stay Injury-Free

Training is good. Training hard is better. But training consistently is the key to drastic, lasting change to your health, performance and body composition. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can (potentially)...

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10 Most Important Things About Speed Training

At any level, speed separates the outstanding players from the average…So, soccer speed training sessions should play a major role in your training. Soccer athletes must have not only an endurance base, but also...

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From Skinny Boy to Great Athlete – Cristiano Ronaldo

He was born in 1985 (Madeira, Portugal), starting his career in Sporting-Lisbon. On a football match between Sporting and Manchester United, he succeeds to impress his opponents and the couching team. After that, a...

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Four Phases Of Soccer Strength Training

When we speak about soccer strength training , we have to mention that the player needs strength to withstand a large number of sprints during a game, running and jumping up for the ball. The...