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4 Outstanding Tips From CR7 About Speed and Strength Training

Soccer players, such as superstar athlete Cristiano Ronaldo, are known for their quickness on the soccer field. This sport also requires endurance and strength so players can maintain their abilities throughout the game, not...

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5 Powerful Soccer Workouts For Every Player

The idea of the following soccer workouts is to help to every soccer player no meter on which level is at the moment of performing this plans, it’s only important to follow the suggested...

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Deadly Overtraining Syndrome ! Why it Happens and How to Overcome It

It’s early in the morning and every muscle in your body is stiff. Everything pains. You are tired, and you hate the whole world. It’s enough of all the trainings, and your couch, and...

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Defensive Soccer Drills for Perfect Body Positioning

Of the three parts in the context of building the game: defense, transition and attack – the part of the defence has the highest priority when it comes to creating a balance in the...

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4 Soccer Drills You Can Do Everywhere

Soccer like one of the most famous sports, first of all requires a high level of talent. But training on your own is helpful way to develop and improve your performance and skills.Soccer player...