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you can beat deffender 0

With These 10 Soccer Skills You Can Beat Defenders Like a Superstar

Overview Certain soccer moves act as tools for an attacker to beat defenders, or create space during a soccer game to perform a successful pass or shot. Soccer moves can help a soccer offense...

25 tips for improving 0

Top 25 Tips for Improving Your Soccer Skills

Soccer is the best sport on the planet. You can play it on your own, with a few friends or as part of a team. The fundamental skills needed can be developed through repetition,...

defensive soccer drills perfect positioning 0

Defensive Soccer Drills for Perfect Body Positioning

Of the three parts in the context of building the game: defense, transition and attack – the part of the defence has the highest priority when it comes to creating a balance in the...

4 soccer drills for everywhere 5

4 Soccer Drills You Can Do Everywhere

Soccer like one of the most famous sports, first of all requires a high level of talent. But training on your own is helpful way to develop and improve your performance and skills.Soccer player...

norway-grandmother 0

Incredible 90-year old great-grandmother Showed her Soccer Skills

This old lady from Norway showed to the world that age are nothing when you love the things you are doing even she is 10-th decade of her life. Ase Marie Nordhagen is a...