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What You Should Eat Before a Soccer Game

Day of the game, actually, soccer game is a moment that every soccer player is waiting for. Opportunity to show all his abilities and knowledge. That’s why is very important that nothing disrupts his “ shape”. It’s necessary all factors to be kept under control, also the food takes very important part of it.

DAY OF THE GAME. For every athlete the menu should be known in advance. It’s important do not eat anything that it’s not used to it. There is no experiments on a big day. Its good to make a list with ingredients, make sure that provide all of them, and always have ready spear ingredients in case to happen unpredictable things. Planning meals is based on knowledge about timing for playing the games. Most of the games are played afternoon or at night.

Exceptions are games for juniors witch are played before noon. If the game is afternoon(4pm-5pm), for players it’s recommended to eat light breakfast, and lunch to be around noon. If the game is played at night, for players is recommended to have later breakfast, then light lunch around noon and one more meal between 3pm and 4pm. Finally, if kids and juniors playing game before noon, then main meal is a breakfast before game. Never to play game with empty stomach, because with the breakfast organism is filling stocks and supplement what’s spent during the night.

MEAL BEFORE GAME. Recommendation is players should eat meal rich with complex carbohydrates  (3g carbohydrates per Kg body weight)     3-4 hours before game. Because fat and proteins are breaking down slowly, in this meal they are supposed to be less than usual. Also it’s important carbohydrates to be with low glycemic index (ex:brown rice). During and after this meal it’s also needed to drink 0.3 and 0.5 litres of water.

what to eat before soccer

Not following this recommendations, and consuming “ heavy” lunch or other meal before a game, can cause stomach ache during the game, and slow down the player.  Right before the game is useful to drink around 0.5l water or energy drink (1.5-2 hours earlier), that’s 50 carbohydrates 1 hour before the game. Banana, apple or carbohydrate bar is good for this occasion. During the game is also important to take care about food. Recommended is to take 0.2-0.3 l water every 15 minutes.

CONCLUSION. Quality food before and during the game will provide to soccer player maximum of his abilities. It will stop showing unwilling effects like lowing down durability ( because of missing carbohydrates), concentration, soccer skills, and leading to injuries. Every soccer player is responsible for his health.

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