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Soccer Tournament Nutrition Checklist That Every Soccer Player Should Know

Soccer tournaments make unique demands on your body, requiring you to plan and prepare above and beyond what you normally would for a 90-minute game. Players have to be prepared to play at least two to three games in one day, sometimes more.

 Nutrition plays a key role in tournament performance. Too often, players feel flat after their first or second game, which not only impairs their performance but increases their likelihood of suffering an injury.
Sticking to a plan that will help keep you fueled for performance will help you stay FAST, FIT and FUNCTIONAL through the whole tournament.

soccer tournament checklist

Soccer Tournament Nutrition Checklist

  • Eat breakfast in the morning. Focus on protein and whole grain carbohydrates to prep your body for action.
  • If your first game is early in the morning, start small with a pre-game snack like granola and yogurt. Something is better than nothing!
  • Pack simple snacks to eat during the tournament. Simple prepped items like trail mix will help keep you topped up and ready to play.
  • Have a post-game snack. Refueling from one game to the next is important to maintain performance and prevent injury. Focus on protein and carbohydrates. Liquid nutrition can be easier to consume straight after a game. Chocolate milk or a recovery shake are good options.

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  • Keep it simple. The best foods to consume during tournaments are those you can quickly eat and then get ready to go. Stay away from fast food and heavy and fried foods like hamburgers and French fries. They will slow you down and could make you feel sick.
  • Bring plenty of water! Performance is impaired after only 2-percent dehydration. One ounce per pound of body weight per day is a good guideline for the amount of water you should drink. But remember, on game day you will need more because you will be sweating.
  • Sports drinks are good for long tournaments because they keep your body supplied with electrolytes, but don’t forget that water is just as important to keep you hydrated.
  • Don’t try anything new on game day. Stick to what you know works best. If you want to experiment with new foods and drinks, do so during the week before the tournament so you will know how your body reacts.

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