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How to Receive a Soccer Ball Like a Pro

There are a few important things when you receive a soccer ball. The first one is to know what exactly will you do with the ball before it gets to you.

If in the period of education you did not evaluate your options in the club, I must caution you that you will have less time and space in your progress in football.

receiving ball in soccer

The tendency of modern football is to reduce the space and thus to reduce the reaction time.

The ability to see the patch is really important if you receive the ball from side or behind.You have to know from which side a direct pressure defense will come and to know how much time and space you have.

Your body should be at such an angle that you can see more of the patch and the players. This means that your shoulders should not be perpendicular to the incoming ball because it will limit your view. Your head should rotate so you are able to see what is the situation like before receiving the ball.

After you do this, you must decide whether the closest defensive player is in a position to immediately cover for you. If this is the case, it is necessary to release the ball with a well performed deception. If you carefully watch the top players, you will notice that they are buying a meter or two by deceiving the defense players before they may be covered.

Your weld beads may consist of a variety of movements. Sometimes you will pull the leg as if kicking. Other time, by simply lowering your shoulder, you may deceive the defender and buy some time. Your deception can be a dramatic long step of your leg with whom you will not shoot in the opposite direction from the one where you refer the ball to, or you will just look at one side, and go to another.

There are many different movements and if you become good at performing some of them, you can throw defenders out off balance.

The most important thing in the game is your first contact with the ball. If the first contact is not well determined, it is more likely that a second contact with the ball will not even come.

Good players use the first contact with the ball to get out of difficult situations. The first contact enables the good players to endanger the opposing defense.

The top players can receive the ball under pressure and turn the situation into an opportunity to attack at the same moment. Such players with an excellent first contact with the ball always seem to have more free space while possessing the ball than less skilled players.

The main reason is that they create a space that allows them to raise their heads and think of the next touch. Additionally, they understand the difference between the actual pressure from the defense and what the weaker players often think that is a pressure, but actually it is not.

The real pressure is when the player, who covers the attackers, is so close to the ball, that can straight his leg, tip the ball or make a start. The opponent who is more than two meters away should not be a cause of panic. You can simply move the ball in open space and hold your head up. Do not hesitate to use the outside of your soccer shoes.

The basis of soccer is to control the ball, watch, pass the ball and run.

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