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What Jamie Vardy Said To Referee Is Pretty Nasty

Jamie Vardy is dominating headlines but not for his goalscoring exploits, but rather the fact that he is being charged by the FA for improper conduct towards referee Jon Moss after receiving a red card during Leicester’s dramatic 2-2 draw with West Ham United, yesterday.

what james vardy said

For those of you who haven’t seen the footage, following his second yellow card, awarded for ‘simulation’, Vardy informed Moss in no uncertain terms that he was a “fucking c*nt”. It is this language that is set to land Vardy a further ban, which could seriously hinder the Foxes push for a historic Premier League title victory.

As a result of an extra game being added to his original ban, Leicester’s leading goal scorer is set to miss Premier League matches against Swansea and Manchester United and the ban has divided opinion, with some sections of fans believing the punishment is correct and that there is no room for such vicious dissent towards match officials, while others, including Leicester legend Gary Lineker, have chastised the lack of consistency in decision making, citing the innumerable instances that occur in every game when players lambast referees.

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