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What You Should Know About Soccer Warm up Drills

Warming up that is using today in the soccer world has not always been the same.The rule to warm up before the game started in England’s soccer, after they saw how players from european teams organising themselves and preparing to start the game.

Their appearance on the field, using “gymnastics exercises” and playing with ball, at the beginning were only part of the fun, when later, everybody understands the point of their behaviour.

Maybe now looks weird, but passed a long time before worming up has been accepted in soccer like was in the other sports, especially the athletics. Soccer coaches agree that warming up is important for good, first of all physical, also psychological preparation for players before the training or game.

Good warm up is important for athletes, giving them better access for training or game, encourages team building and improves the play. Warmed up mussels are capable for faster using needed energy, so on this way can affect on speed and power, which are very important in contemporary soccer.

Also affects on possibility to make complex skills and moves with specific accuracy and precision. For most soccer players, warming up, if it’s fun, affects on mental attitude toward game focusing the energy on technical and tactical capabilities.

Based on this with soccer warm up drills  are achieved 3 goals:

  1. Improving technics, power, agility and performing.
  2. Mental preparation and focusing on the training or game.
  3. Reducing the risk of injuries.

soccer drills for warm up

Exercises for warming up have their own meaning regardless the player’s competitive level. According the structure and intensity they have to be adapted to the needs and abilities of the players.

According the moving structure, warming up can be divided on four phases. The start is with small intensity, during which there is increasing of heart frequency. Then at the end it’s finished with high intensity which is necessary for better work implementation.

Based on this, soccer warm up drills  supposed to include:

  • Activities for increasing heart frequency ( jogging and running with medium intensity)
  • Stretching (statically and dynamically)
  • Specific soccer activities (drills with ball, separate or in team) and
  • Work with ball ( short high-intense running and changing

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