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Soccer Goalie Drills for Agility from England’s Goalies

One of the many outdated theories in American soccer culture is to place the tallest player on the team in the goal. This thinking pervaded soccer fields in decades past, but as soccer exploded in this country and more and more athletes joined the game the tallest athlete is no longer the only goalie traversing the eighteen-yard box.
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Today’s keepers come in all shapes and sizes, but what elite level keepers have in common is a tremendous athletic ability. No matter how tall an individual may be what will set them apart in the goal are their agility, explosiveness, and strength. Any goalie will tell you that it is not the high shot that is the hardest to save but the knee high blast to a corner, where quickness and explosiveness really come into play.

Goalkeepers need exceptional agility to provide essential stops to enable their team to win. Agility involves the ability to change direction and speed nearly instantly, and without it, a goalkeeper will be caught napping as the ball zips past for a score.

Here we have a strong training session featuring some outstanding saves from all three senior goalkeepers.

In this soccer goalie drills participating: Joe Hart, Jack Butland & Tom Heaton

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