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Soccer Drills For U8 – Exellent Advice

In the age category (6-8 yr.), 11v11 game is not useful for their development. Soccer drills for U8 are still only fun with a ball and encouraging children to hold the ball in between their legs. The specific points of the attention of the youngest players and the basic technical skills already involved in the games 4v4 and 7v7 training on matches with passing, receiving and dribbling – of advancing with the ball or to win the opponent.

Various forms of the game are central during the game to this category on players and serve as a base in which the contents such as time, space, direction, speed, opponents, enjoyment and challenge play a role.
Good coach knows how to manage this content that is challenge to the young players.

great soccer drills for U8

These children are still young. By the end of the stage (about 8 years) children started to apply past experience in the current situation. For example, the simple level, they can remember what have been shown, or what they have tried to do with the ball on their last training. At the same time, this capability is not stable. They are not able to imagine the consequences (e.g. what will happen if you do this?). Leave them to learn through experience. Secret is, to improve technical skills using different soccer activities (content). Technical skills should be functional developed.

Technical skills and tactical exchange introduction are supposed to go one after another. So we should have a lot of games with ball in small groups that will contribute to encourage the children not to be afraid of the ball. In such activities the coach should encourage them to become much more reliable in manipulation with the ball. This needs security. Security and confidence in the coach is the key moment at this age in order to encourage the players free to manipulate the ball, to try, to make mistakes, without fear for being yielded.

It is desirable for the application of game where players will have the opportunity often to change direction of their movement with or without a ball. For a successful transfer of this content, taking into consideration the age of the kids, and possibility to stay focused on what should be done on the training, and should last 40-50 min, where the game with a ball should dominate, so they can enjoy, and effects from the training to be successful.

Coaches should exclude discussions for positions or some other concepts that are not adequate of children’s age. It is recommended that there are no organized competitions on this age. Persistent play mini game during your training, so the kids can compete with, and one against the other, according to their age. No need of the measuring results, except that it encourages their enjoyment and efforts they put. Each player should strive to win the opportunity to have the ball in his legs and to give a goal. Help the weaker players to develop their security with the ball. At the same time, continue challenging your stronger players to broad their creativity and stability.

Stability is the key. The more time they spend with the ball in their legs during the training or games, they will become more relaxed with the ball, when they feel relaxed with the ball, they will strive to be involved in the game, and with that, they will have fun in the football.

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