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Soccer Drills For U6 – What’s Most Important

Football, at this age, should be limited more as fun activities for children, which includes playing with a ball. It needs to have more players than teams. Five and six year old children are too young to be involved in any structural organized football program. They need to be involved in fun activities that will encourage them to explore their physical abilities, using a ball that should be included the game itself.
The first phase is an introductory period where the child is not ready to do something with other children. The ball is just for him. This affinity for the ball must be used. The unity of the child and ball is limiting the possible activities. Children of this age also love to use their imagination while playing. Keep this in mind as you make the games.

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They begin to play by their rules and as a result of their game will get limited comfort with the ball. Games imagination and skills can be represented. Of course not team building. Your actions should be short and simple and although they develop their physical and mental abilities, they are still too young. Always treat the children carefully, patiently and encourage them a lot. It would be of help, if you include their parents during the training / game, so they can practice at home in the garden and get new ideas.

For the youngest players, 6 years old, applying games like 7v7 or 11v11 are useless as a means of development. The game is too complex, and the field is to big. For these beginners is better simplified form. The simplestform in which the contents of the match can be offered to the games field are: 3v3 4v4 30×20 or 40×25 field with small goals (3×1 meter). No talk of specialization. At this age in the games 3v3 or 4v4, there are no goalkeepers, only “flying keepers” (closest player becomes goalkeeper). General technical and tactical development has an advantage in this age group. Forms such as 5v5 or 6v6 not declared unfit but they just require more quality players in the positional play. Therefore, the Games 3v3 and 4v4, as the starting competition shape are recommended.

General explanation of what should happen during the training: Children should have fun with the ball. There should be periods of active play where everyone will participate and should have a short break to drink water or rest. If more than one coach, then the children should be divided into smaller groups, with at least one trainer per group. At this age children work hard and get tired easily. Allow them to have an active rest, where they will not run but will try to do some specific things with the ball, often standing or sitting. Every child should be occupied with something, even when resting. Hold the game at 1 to 1 or 3 to 3, and watch as many children as possible to be actively involved with the ball. It is recommended no organized competitions at this age. Consistently do training mini games to compete with each other, according to their age.

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