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Soccer Coaching Tips For U10

This age is where games and entertainment experimentation with the ball should still be main activities. Some of the kids are becoming more mature.

Your group can have players that are larger and faster and whose coordination is a bit more advanced than the larger part of your players. Some of them can demonstrate greater capacity to remain focused for a while. But the explanations by you still need to be short, precise and with a purpose. But regardless of their capacity they should continue to be paid attention to work with a ball, especially using games in small space.

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Stimulated of free choice and talks for decisions made from them, especially those pertaining to the movements of its well as interactions whose movement of opposing kite players, are the main tools that should coach apply daily in its work to this age category. And further competition does not need to be directed towards the achievement of the result but in the direction of the development of the players. They represent only tests that provide insight into the performance in reaching among young players.

Developing abilities of the players still remains one of the most important priorities in this age and must has application to the game and particularly in the various forms starting of the games 3×3; 4×4 5×5; 6×6 etc, where the emphasis should be placed on stimulating situations duel 1×1; 2×1; 1×2; 2×2 etc.

These are key situations that will follow in their entire career. Coaches at this age categories should promote football which allows: to play;
2. Where the coach only gives instructions, not to lead them (not to impose any decisions) and
3. To participate in the defense and in the attack.

For further continuous development of your players, keep into account several principles that you must turn the attention to. Firstly, you start with the basic game 4 v 4 on the ground that will be small enough to involve all players, in-game, but also big enough for to give the opportunity each of the participants in the game to be comfortable and successful in the realization of ideas.

Therefore, keep changing dimensions of the pitch as long as you do not find the best form for the game in which all of them will be involved, have fun, and have opportunity to come in contact with the ball, to achieve a goal or to rescue the goal situation.

A very important moment is the time duration of your training. This is important because of focusing on the tasks that should be realized. Then keep in mind that the children should go satisfied and joyful that increases motivation to be dedicated more on the next training. If the training for the smallest age category should be 45 min, for players up to 12 years 1
hour to 75 minutes in which will be included free play with which should be completed the training. It is quite enough time so that they can be concentrated on the tasks and the play.

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