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Professional Soccer Coach Reveals the 3 Best Drills for Legs


Former coach of FC Fulam, Skot Miler, reveals how to exercise your lower body like never before and build durability of Premier league star.

“This part of exercises focused on the power development and the prevention of injuries, afflicting gluteus,quadriceps and hamstrings.” said Miler.

Do this training twice a week, but rest two days before game.

There is no pause between the exercises, and it’s important to do three rounds, with 90seconds pause after every round.

Warm up on bicycle or device for Nordic skiing for 5 minutes, then start with the training.

You should have been able to do the training after 15 minutes.



6 repetitions

First of all, set two small plates under your heel, with this the pressure on the strings will be lower, and it’s gonna isolate quadriceps.

With bar set on your shoulders, make a squad in 4 seconds until your butt reach a knee level, then quickly lift up for one second.


Walking step with dumbbells

12 repetitions on each led

Soccer players always speeding up the tempo and jump from one leg to another during the game, so this exercise contributes for increasing your speed.


Squats with dumbbells

25 repetitions

Concentrate your self on keeping up the tempo: try to low down not more than one second and to lift up in previous position with the same speed.


“Ideal is the lowest point of your squat to be when your butt is parallel with your knees” said Miler.

And squats with dumbbells will build power in your legs. This squats will improve your endurance and provide muscle endurance as well.

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