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The Daily 7 Minute Footwork Drills You Can Do Anywhere

Check out these daily footwork drills that will help you reach your highest potential as a soccer player:

Rolls (4 each foot)

1. Inside Roll
2. Outside roll

Foundation (4 each foot, alternating feet 3 touches between moves)

1. Side to Side
2. Push-Pull
3. Side to Side Step-On
4. Side to Side Front Roll

Pull back and go. Do sequence with one foot then switch (4 times each foot )

1. Pull, Instep Push
2. Pull a Vee
3. Pull & Take with Outside of foot
4. Pull & Roll Behind

daily footwork drills

Turns: Travel 10 feet turn 180 degrees use 3 touches between turns (4 times each foot)

1. Pull Turn
2. Inside of foot turn
3. Outside of foot turn
4. Cruyff
5. Stepover Turn

Change of direction with fakes, 3 touches betweens turns (4 times each foot)

1. Hip Swivel
2. Matthews
3. Cap
4. Stepover
5. Scissors

Complete Seven Minute drill is more than 575 touches on the ball.

Spend another ten minutes passing against a wall, both feet, both one and two-touch, instep and inside of feet, include fake kicks. Keep feet moving and work on accuracy.

Spend ten minutes juggling the ball trying to get 100 consecutive juggles.

Do 50 to 100 situps, then stretch.

Try to do complete workout every day. This workout can be done anywhere that there is little danger of breaking things, for instance in a basement, playroom or outside.



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