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9 Tips to Improve Your Soccer Techniques

In this article we give you some basic guidelines on how to improve technique in soccer. Soccer  technique is something that has to be raised to a higher level if you want to deal seriously with this sport.

Once a coach of youth categories, pioneer at the start of training said something that is forever remembered: “ball, that ball, feminine, and also treat it like that, it must be yours! “

The technique is one of the most important segments of soccer game and each player must strive to improve the same as it is necessary for each position. Here are some simple tips on how to do it and to have an enormous improvement and improve as a player:

1) Juggling. The best way to improve ball control, is also the simplest, sometimes you cannot get bored even an hour or two of uninterrupted… all you need is a ball and winning spirit.

improve soccer technique

2) The speed of dribbling. Try to keep leading the ball fast, do not look at the ground and hold your head raised for better view of the game and awareness of the position of other teammates.

3) Dribbling by, through, over cones constantly, later in the game you will be able to take advantage of this very well and applied to real players

4) You have to develop motor skills, coordination, because it’s all in football, doing more exercises for coordination: sit-ups, jumps and more …

5) After each workout, when everyone is in the locker room, you stay and shoot it in the goal, firing bars, the post, you can set the pins meter to the post and shoot the space between, is also very useful and good thing.

6) To succeed in your intentions, don’t give up on the first obstacle, you should continue to work hard until you notice a change, you must know that they do not come as fast as you think.

7) The player is not getting at the training, that is not enough, because on the training you will receive only the instructions themselves  you must carry out the same, go outside, play with friends after school, on the ground somewhere, the more you play the better you become

8) You can not succeed without the love of football.

9) You should grow with the ball, when you become one, then you know that you have reached perfection.

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