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5 Simple Agillity Drills for Soccer

When it comes to improving your soccer performance, getting faster is the one aspect that can make a huge difference to your game.

Getting faster isn’t simply a case of going for a run now and again though — you need balanced, progressive, speed-specific training drills.
The most important is to run efficiently, and not to waste energy. The most difficult is to learn how to start, stop and cut, or change direction, because it takes a lot of your strength and power. Also, attention needs to be paid on the body, because most of ushave fast feet, but not a fast body, and the feet are for the ball, and the body from getting form one pint to the other on the pitch.

Let us introduce a couple of tips and agility drills for soccer.

A warm-up is vital for preventing injury and getting you mentally and physically ready for speed training. Make sure each agility drill last no more than 10sec and after that take a rest as long as you need.

  1. 5-10-5 Agility

Place cones 5 yards apart, practice to stay low and imagine you’re straddling the 5-yard line on a football field

2.     5-10-5 Forward/Back Agility

This drill is short but very intense; you are practicing forward and backwards movement, and are useful in in attacking and recovering.

3.     Arrowhead Agility Drill

Its purpose is speed test, explosion and the ability to change direction over a range of angles and directions. The exercise includes cones laid as an arrow and the player combines straight ahead sprinting with intense cutting.

4.     Partner Lateral Cut Drill

This exercise includes your partner; you start running towards him, and react, cut and sprint, while he passes the ball, after the ball.

5.     Partner Multi-Directional Cut Drill

This drill should last no more than 10 sec; you follow your partner’s foot, and move the same direction.

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