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5 Must Try Soccer Drills For Kids

Child football, like any other small sport has its own rules to accommodate children who practice it. However sports techniques are the same as those carried out by top professional players. Learn more about the soccer drills for kids from this article.
A child can train as a professional, the only difference can vary in exercise intensity and level of tactical difficulty he can raise, but the movement is the same as a top player.

great soccer drills for kids

The basic soccer drills that a child should perform:
1. Driving ball
2. Kick ball, with all the variants that exist
3. Nod
4. Dribble
5. Reception and ball control

Mastering these techniques and automating them somehow, allow the child to control the ball in the game and concentrate on tactics, since changing situations must be resolved in a matter of seconds.
With a good technical basis, the child has major motor options or technical capacity and resources to solve the game situations that will arise. Or your action will be when you play the game, whether or not the best option to the situation that presents itself ,the primary reaction will be to apply the movements that have acquired.

For example, if you have not learned a header, when you get a high ball, you will try to accommodate lower with your foot, because it will be an instinctive reaction, according to the resources you have.
All are appointed to the technique that makes the child with the ball, there are others that have to do with ways to defend and attack that is not issue for this note.

Soccer ball control drills :
Kicking a ball against a wall, when it returns, stop with the foot and kick again.

Does “little game” with the ball, that is, keep it in the air only with the feet, knees and head, without the ball falling to the ground; this exercise develops the perceptive sense and sensibility.

Place a row of four or five cones or hoops on the ground, passing between them carrying the ball near the foot and keeping control of it.

Like the previous year, but when you spend all cones you kick the ball towards a wall or goal.

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