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4 Significant Soccer Passing Drills

In today’s football, successful are those teams that can act quickly and respond with tactical flexibility. That’s why coaches put special emphasis on the diversity in the attack phase of the defenders, midfielders to attackers. To create a successful combinatorics it is necessary to make technical – tactical training of passing, receiving and controlling the ball. That is why soccer passing drills are so important.

In addition to the purely technical part (eg. passing with both feet in a variety of technical elements,
with the correct position of the legs and body), on the commencement of the exercise we need to pay attention to:

• The movement of the opponent and the open space;
• Creating more options for passing the ball (at least two, ideally three) for the player who has the ball and coordination of trajectory running;
• Coordination of covering the field with the opening of more options for passing the ball to all players;
• Creating more options to pass the ball;
• Make an attack with the return ball, keep the width of attack as you move forward and play out a precise long balls;
• Pass the ball to an open teammate with whom you have established eye contact and who is ready for action;
• Maintain an open position when you are looking for the ball with the constant review of the game;
• Pass certain strength on the ball so that the teammate can receive it and play with the ball.

Some more significant soccer passing drills are:

Pass the ball while running – The main objective of this exercise is to pass, receive the ball and run in all directions. Make this exercise with 8 to 12 players in the area of 15x15m. In all the possible variants, the players make a handover between opposite columns, and then run in different directions. passing while player running
So the exercise of the players is more interesting, you can set up cones or stands as goals (gates), through which the player needs to serve the ball. This will improve the accuracy, you can reckon successful pass and make competition between the players. This especially relates for young teams.

Passing between columns – In this exercise you combine dribbling, passing, and cooperation of 2 or3 players with no opponents. For this exercise you need 6 to 10 players in the same area and two sticks put on the middle of the terrain. Possible are more variants and combinations for this exercise.

Passing in rhombus – The goal of this exercise is to pass the ball, receive the ball and cooperation between two players as an offensive. The number of the players is 6, and it is performed on an area of ​​35x25m.
passing drill beetwen rhombus

You have two variants for this exercise:

In the first exercise the first player takes the ball to the middle of the terrain to exercise and pass it to the second player who leads the opposite column. The second player receives the ball and moves to the left or right and passes the ball to the third player who returns the ball to player 2 and runs in width seeking the ball. Player 2 passes him the ball there and player 3 receives the ball and leads it to the column from which the action began. The second exercise is the same as the first, but instead of keeping and passing at the beginning, the first player passes a long high ball to the second player.

Passing in a triangle – the goal of this exercise is to cooperate as an offensive, to pass, receive balls and open space.passing in triangle
The minimum number of the players is 3-5 and is played on area of 15x15m. In this exercise the first player passes the ball to the second, who opens the cap on which he stood. The second player passes the ball to the third player. Player 3 also opens the next cap, in order to pass the ball towards the fourth player and leads the ball.

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