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3 Soccer Off-Season Conditioning Drills from the Professional Soccer Teams

The initial step in starting an effective offseason training program is setting proper and realistic goals. These goals must have input from the player’s coaches, medical staff and, of course, the player himself.

soccer conditioning drills
This off-season football workout is designed to increase your strength and power to give you the edge on the football field and improving in certain fundamental football techniques are all examples of important goals to set. It’s suitable for players that have done some light weight training before.
These exercises are leading to effectiveness of the drills and focus on the quality, not on the quantity.
We give you some conditioning drills, so you can perform them in your team.

Soccer Ball Relay Race

This is a simple exercise; you need 5 flags on 1 yard apart. The player starts dribbling through the flags, and after finishing, he passes the ball to the next player and sprints 3 to 5 yards beyond the starting line.

Half-Kneeling Starts

Well executed half-kneeling work gives us a ton of benefits. The most important is to regain core stability and control.
Position your right knee and left foot in a narrow lunge position. Coach or somebody whistle and you jump off, your left foot to the right. After landing, sprint toward the center of the field.


Striders are easy to perform running drills to improve your form and mechanics. They are quite flexible and can be plugged into your regimen after easy runs to work on form.
Start the strider by running easy, focusing on a short, quick stride, and then gradually increase your speed by lengthening your stride. Keep your torso tall and relaxed.
Start running with the ball, and make sure you are wearing a heart rate monitor. Lead the ball from 100 to 400 yards in 14 to 60 seconds. Repeat the drill after the heart rate drops to 120-125 beats per minute.

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