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About us…

We are two friends and we are very big lovers of soccer. We are big fans of Bayern from Munchen and FC Barcelona but also we follow most of the European soccer leagues and USA major league. In the past we were training soccer in our local teams and after 8 years of training we decided to go to college because we have desire to have a university degrees. In that period one of us were working like a assistant coach in our local amateur team and another one was trained younger kids in the same team.

Meanwile in our free time we were reading a lot of books and stories about soccer exercise, soccer techniques and coaching. So although we  studied, our love for soccer have never been reduced.After a long time of reading and learning we decided to make this site AwesomeSoccerDrills.com

Why this site…

AwesomeSoccerDrills is informational and learning portal for educate young players which soccer drills to make to improve their soccer techniques, and to help younger coaches with some tips and advices. We would regularly publish fresh content and share our experience with you.

Meanwile in our AwesomeSoccerDrills team we’ve added many experienced coaches and players, which their extensive experience explain and transmit in this website.

Work hard, play hard, train hard !

Feel free to share your experience and contact us anytime you need,


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